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Rebuttal issue #1 October week 1


“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

            Edmund Burke,


Don’t believe the Communist lies….




OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will wage war without provocation or any input from its citizens including eliminating our right to vote and freedom of speech, expression and religion.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will openly violate a person’s sense of individuality.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will put people in jail who defy it and never allow them the right to appeal.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will eliminate all hopes and aspirations of becoming a success by limiting an individuals right to free enterprise.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will suppress all religion and science that it sees fit.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will suppress all individual expression in both print and media.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will deny our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

OUR NEWGOVERNMENT will defy the very basic rights of our humanity and God-given, unalienable rights.


 The World Can’t Wait, ironically, distributed a newspaper supported by the Revolutionary Communist Party. The irony is that the Revolutionary Communist Party is attempting to form a protest, exactly the kind of public outcry Communism itself prohibits. Now, if Communism is truly the form of government this party so desires and that the current government under President Bush, according to their slanderous lies, is so terrible, then perhaps the government they seek may be better…but judging from history, Communism may be by far the worse government know to mankind. The very protest they are attempting to organize, this very Rebuttal to their “outcry,” their every piece of information (or propaganda that they love to accuse the U.S. government of distributing) is the very thing their form of government will not allow.


If everything these “freedom fighters” of the Communist Revolutionary Party hope to achieve is indeed attained then the question will remain, are we better off now?


Rebuttal Closing Statement:If President Bush is truly the person we want to take out of office then perhaps we, as senseless sheep, will follow those who tell us our government is evil and follow their lies to a path of suppressed freedom and human rights. We, as able-minded citizens, MUST in order for this great country to succeed as a democracy and a beacon of freedom and justice to the rest of the world, hear the lies that these protesters are uttering and see past them. WE MUST not believe what they are trying to organize and ignore the garbage they are throwing out against our form of government and our President, George W. Bush. I urge you all not to believe what these individuals are attempting to feed you and see that we truly are a place of freedom and hope and that our President truly has our best interest at heart. Simply put: If our government were so horrible and oppressive would the Revolutionary Communist Party or The World Can’t Wait truly exist under its rule? The answer is obvious.


For the record:

Let the record stand that the form of protest that was carried out by De Witt Clinton High School was something only a democratic form of government would allow …something not allowed in a system of Communism.

Next Week’s Rebuttal Topic:

Kanye West’s comment about President Bush and racism in the government’s response to hurricane Katrina.


Tell the Revolutionary Communist Party how you feel! Email them (because if their form of government prevails you can kiss email good-bye).

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