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Eduardo Gory Guerrero-
Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

"It's a strange phenomenon that happens between an entertainer and a viewer. When someone stands on a stage or in front of a camera they're offering themselves to you. They're offering you a chance to look into their lives and judge them. Even if they're playing a character, there is an openness — an invitation. And we, as viewers, are always eager to accept. With that acceptance comes a reciprocity. We open a part of us that is empty, in need, and offer to let them fill it. Whether it's Olivier performing Hamlet, Michael Jordan performing a baseline dunk, or yes, an Eddy Guerrero frogsplash, it becomes a part of us.

So when an entertainer dies, a part of us dies. It's natural, even understandable. It doesn't matter that we've never actually met him. It doesn't matter that he didn't even know who we were. He was still a part of us. A part that will never come back. Time will eventually heal our wounds, and the hole will be filled by our memories."--J.D. Dunn,

Eddie lit up the stage with his famous "Latino heat," and the hearts of millions every night he graced the squared circle. His motto "We Lie, Cheat and Steal...but hey at least we're honest about it," will forever echo throughout our souls as we recollect some of the fondest moments we have experienced with Eddie. Eddie's talent was only matched by his desire and only topped by his love. Eddie, despite being a performer, also brought a very real element to our lives. He brought something we could never read in a book. Never see recreated on film. And no story grandma could ever tell. Eddie brought himself. Eddie showed us into his heart and we looked. In their we saw that twinkle in his eyes, that smirk across his face and that never surrender compassion for life. We granted Eddie the door, and he gave us the key. Eddie Guerrero's famous t-shirt that reads, "Eddie Stole My T-shirt," should also include the words, "and our hearts."

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